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Getting into class (Book > Attend > Leave safely)

Steps to attend a class

  1. Book a class
  2. Come on time
  3. Temperature Check
  4. Scan MySejahtera QR
  5. Sanitize Your Hand
  6. Attend the class
  7. Leave as the class end


Sick > Our Say

We reserve the right to stop you from entering if you show any symptom at our discretion. We will not entertain any reason including our common phase ‘OK lah’, ‘It’s OK’, ‘This is not that kind’. Your booking will still be deducted even if you have been sent home.


No Walk In

We no longer accept walk in. All student must book your session at using your registered phone number and last 4 digit of your IC number as password. You will not be allowed to enter the class without a booking. Applies to all classes includes Zumba, Kpop Workout, Pilates.


No walking around in studio

You should not walk around the studio before, during and after class.


No Gathering and Resting inside studio
You are strongly encourage to be punctual for your class and leave as soon as you can as class end. Sitting in group is not allowed


Changing Room and No Shower

You are strongly discouraged to change your sports attire in the studio

Shower is strictly not allowed


Cancellation time and Waiting List

Cancellation time has been increased to 4 hours before class start. Your Waiting List will be updated at least 4 hours before the class.


Instructor Contactless class flow

Instructor will not be allowed to have body contact with student.


Class Arrangement

We will allocated certain hammock to use per class and allocation of spot will be on first come first serve basis. Helping a friend to book a spot is not allowed 


Yoga Mat

Studio Yoga Mat are currently not available for use. You will need to bring your own yoga mat


Hammock and Hoop

We will still provide Silk Hammock and Hoop for the respective class. Our equipment is sanitized as rapid as we possibly can.

We strongly encourage you to have your own hammock or hoop. We will allocate a dedicated storing location for your personal hammock or hoop.


Hoop sharing

Each hoop to be shared with maximum of 2 students at the same class. Each student need to sanitized the hoop before next person used. Sanitize will be made available. Different in sizes will be first come first serve.


Other Equipment

All equipment, facilities and venue will be sanitized rapidly. All washable equipment will be sanitized as rapid as we possibly can.

Sanitizer will be made available


Class structure

All class size will be realigned to have social distancing


Class schedule realignment.

In effort to control the inflow and out flow of student. Punctuality is highly appreciated.

You will be allowed into the studio at the designated time as mentioned in the schedule. Class will start and end at the designated time.

Overlapped and back to back classes will be rescheduled.

More classes will be opened progressively


Thank you for your patience. Terima Kasih, 谢谢你



We are now using Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) Schedule.
Do check our schedule from time to time as there will be minor time changes and new classes throughout this RMCO period.

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