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 Thursday - 08-12-2022

07:00 pm  Hatha Yoga 
Instructor Germain

 Friday - 09-12-2022

08:00 am  Shape Up Yoga 
Instructor Germain
07:00 pm  Vinyasa Yoga 
Instructor Jasmine
08:30 pm  Hatha Yoga 
Instructor Germain

 Saturday - 10-12-2022

Sorry, no class today

 Sunday - 11-12-2022

Sorry, no class today

 Monday - 12-12-2022

08:00 am  Hatha Yoga 
Instructor Germain
07:00 pm  Flow Yoga 
Instructor Jane Wong

 Tuesday - 13-12-2022

06:30 pm  Vinyasa Yoga 
Instructor Ron Lee
08:00 pm  Yin Yoga 
Instructor Ron Lee

 Wednesday - 14-12-2022

06:30 pm  HIIT Yoga 
Instructor Yee Ring
08:00 pm  Gentle Flow 
Instructor Yee Ring

 Class Requirement

  • Ring Yoga class: must have Yoga Ring to join class
  • Restorative Yoga (45 min): 1 pillow, 1 bolster or 2 pillow, 1 face towel
  • Barre: 1 chair & 1 water bottle or any light weights
  • Pilates sculpt: 2 water bottle or any light weights
  • Zumba, KPOP X Fitness, Kickboxing : Best to join with sport shoe to avoid injury
  • Other yoga classes: Best if you have 1 or 2 yoga blocks. It is not mandatory.

  • Latest to cancel your booking will be 8 hour before class.
  • Classes will be conducted via Zoom.
  • Please join the class with your name as registered.
    We will not let you join the class if we are not able to identify you
  • We recommend you to turn on your camera so teacher can give advise in class.
  • Class will be cancelled if the minimum bookings of 4s are not reached.
  • Packages cannot be shared.
  • You are not allowed to join class if more than 15 minutes late.

 Class Description

  • Recovery Yoga
    Stretching ensures your muscles stay flexible, strong and healthy.
  • Barre
    A combination of Pilates and inspired ballet movements to tone and shape up the body with medium intensity.
  • Fascia Activation
    Through movements and poses to activate and stretch our fascia, bringing mobility, shaping of body, rejuvenation of the tissues and increase of awareness.
  • Yogalates
    A cross between yoga and pilates which incorporate stretching, strengthening and limbering.
  • Sunrise Yoga
    A flow of stretch, power, balance with asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathe) to wake up your body in the morning.
  • Strength & Stability
    A mindful movement practice target specific areas like the feet, hips, core. You'll feel more stable when you move through common yoga poses and flows.
  • Vinyasa Yoga
    A smooth transition connects asanas (poses) with deep pranayama (breathe) that designed to progressively open the body.
  • Hips Opening
    Loosen tight hips, improve the range of hips motion and circulation, alleviate back pain and promote flexibility.
  • Alignment Yoga
    A precise way to practice on order to maximise the benefits of yoga and minimise the risk of injury.
  • Gentle Yoga
    A slow pace flow class incorporating gentle stretching and strengthening movements. Awareness of the breathe to calm the mind.
  • Zumba
    A high-energy fitness program with rhythmic choreography designed to burns calories and boost cardio endurance.
  • Spinal Mobility
    Restoring natural range of motion in all sections of the spine to relieving back pain, neck or shoulder stiffness.
  • Pilates Sculpt
    Inspired movements combine with fitness style of training to build and to increase the stamina! This allows you to move and shape up! This is a low to medium intensity workout!
  • Ring Yoga (Must have Yoga Ring to join class)
    A functions from stretching, strengthening, balancing, and even massaging which may allow you to experience deep stretching and muscle relaxation.
  • Power Flow
    Detoxifying, vigorous, fast paced style of yoga which links the body movement with breathe to create dynamic flow of poses.
  • Intuitive Yoga
    Intuitive Yoga is a unique yoga practice form with combination of yoga, acrobatics, ballet, contemporary dance and movement. It improves your body awareness with proper alignment and increases your kinaesthetic functions. 
  • Hatha Yoga
    Emphasize on the alignments, techniques and muscle awareness to train up muscle strength, flexibility and endurance.
  • Body Combat
    A class that combine moves and stances from a range of self-defense disciplines like karate, boxing and taekwondo into an hour-long energetic routine.
  • Yoga Dance Flow
    A combination of various Yoga poses and dance movements. Enjoy the flow of music, deep breathing and whole body movements that pump up your heart rate.
  • KpopX Fitness
    KpopX Fitness™️the first fitness in K-Pop Style! Modern fitness dance moves, don’t worry about unable to do body isolation moves cause ours are 95% creative arms-and-legs moves!

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